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GST rate / HSN Search

HSN Code

HSN means harmonized system of nomenclature. It is a 6 digit uniform code allotted over 5000 goods and universally accepted. This HSN Codes are accepted over 200 countries, it covers 98% of all goods. It is concerned and developed by world customs organisation.

How to understand HSN Code

In HSN Code, every goods is assigned with unique 6 digit code. In India HSN Code will be with 2 more digits that is unique digit code for further classifications.

GST Seva Kendra

GST Seva Kendra GSK are established by government. A GST Seva Kendra or GST helpdesk is committed to guiding every GST Registered Taxpayer with relation to policies and GST Return Filing.

The Concept of GST Seva Kendra initiation is an aim to prepare India for the migration from the old tax regime to the new reformed GST regime. Now the entire nation is GST Registered.

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